Events >> Night-OP: Red States (04/16/16)

The government continues to control the population.  President Moonbeam has singed the "Fluorescent Control Act of 2016" to stop the flow of illegal arms into separatist territories.  General Gavin Nuisance of the San Fran Warrior brigade has promised to use all resources at his disposal to bring this revolution under control.  Using government agencies, President Moonbeam orders the areas surrounding Texas to be federally occupied and controlled.

With the threat of land being taken for government usage and the war expanding to their state, militias begin to form.  Texas with its combat experienced and motivated forces must reinforce its lines against Government incursions.  Militia forces wishing to support Texas begin to flow in.  Looking to cause confusion, the government must infiltrate and disorganize the militias.


The war is expanding…


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Events >> Night-OP: Red Spring

Government forces continue to crack down on Texan rebel forces after the assault on the military base at "Red Hill". Ambushing government supply lines to limit the flow of weapons and reinforcements is key.

Continuation of Red Hill!


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>> Night OP: Imperative Action

 Join us in our first squad-based game at Code Red Airsoft Park.  Play in our simulation of the 1983 invasion of Grenada (Urgent Fury).

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>> Night-Op: Runny Nose

Be part of up to 5 groups:

  • DEA Agent:  Responsible for collecting intel, organizing raids
  • DEA FAST:  Tactical squads responsible for targetted raids and apprehensions
  • El Toro Rosso:  Smuggling drugs and people is your game
  • Role Playing:  Coyote, Druggy, Informant, etc. 
  • Civilian:  Just trying to live to see another day


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Events >> OP: Red Hill

After the passage of Patriot Act 3, The Civilian Arms Act and NDAA 2; Texas has enough. After attempts to legally separate themselves from the Union, force is now necessary!

We're going back to the big field: Rampant Lion! Mountains, rocks, and an enormous playing area. This will be an basic rules OP with mag and loadout restrictions. 

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After Action Reports >> Operation: Dumbasscus (AAR)

 Read the details of the battle!

Great game for all involved!

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Events >> Operation: Dumbasscus

After the “unprovoked” attack on Iranian sovereignty, the people of Syria are in a state of revolt. As western nations begin to close embassies, some may not make it back home. Now it’s beginning to unravel… This is going to be a fight.



Multiple western nation forces must located and secure their embassy personnel from armed and enraged civilians.


Westerners: Complete, matching CAMO BDUs (No black)
Civilian: Absolutely NO camo or BDU sets  

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Website >> OP: Lazy Asshole

 We dont update very well ;)  

Every third Saturday of the month we are at Code Red for our MilSim Day.  Join us or die!

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Events >> Co-Operation: End of Days @ Code Red

 Desert Rats & Code Red Airsoft Park running new OP December 21st!

After the sudden, unexplainable collapse of most world governments, people are fighting for resources including food, water, ammunition and weapons. Around the world battles rage and destruction and panic are rampant. Stuck in this battle are remnants of prepared, well-armed communities and other less prepared individuals and groups...

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After Action Reports >> Operation: شب بخیر / Good Night (After Action Report / AAR)

After Action Report (AAR)

Mission 1: Iranian Infiltration of Negev

Initially Iran was having a very difficult time entering the complex, Israeli forces did an excellent job keeping them out. About 1 hour in, we made a few adjustments to the rules (boundaries) and allowed Iran to get into the facility. After securing the documents, Iranian forces then fought back across the battlefield to secure the extraction point and deliver the documents.

Iran Completed the Primary Objective, was unable to located the secondary objective: 75/100

Mission 2: Israeli commandos capture head Scientist

With the element of surprise, Israeli forces quickly entered the facility and began clearing buildings. Iranian soldiers defended the scientist very well, and was holding the primary building for most of the first 45 minutes. Eventually, Israel captured the VIP and pulled back to a secure area to readjust strategy. It was a great firefight from the facility all the way to the extraction point and was within yards of completing the primary objective. Losses were great on both sides as the last 30 minutes of the game continued. Unfortunately, Iranian forces were able to obtain the scientist and control the last few minutes. Israeli forces managed to the destroy the centrifuge facility in the last few minutes of the game, completing the secondary objective.

Israel Completed the Secondary Objective, could not capture the scientist: 25/100

This is not over...

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Events >> Operation: شب بخیر / Good Night

November 10th, we will be running our latest NIGHT operation at Code Red Airsoft Park.  Based on modern events, this will be an intermediate level operation with strict rules and regulations.  

Basic Operation Rules (PDF)

Flyer (PDF)

Map (PDF)

Uniform Requirements

Tops and bottoms must match.  Gear must be of similar color, no green gear on tan BDUs.  No ACU or Multicam patterns, must be green or tan in color, not combined or other!

Israeli: Green or Woodland type patterns: DPM, Woodland or similar
Iranian:  Tan or Desert type patterns: DCU, Desert DPM or similar


Event Registration


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